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Offering a multitude of differing super grade wools and blends. Our stocked ranges cover a multitude of needs and price points.
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Manufactured Pieces

12 – 14 WEEKS ONLY

Need Bulk Manufacturing? Our wholesale fabrics program allows you to buy high quality, high volume fabric at a lower cost to you. Contact us directly for enquiries on

Wholesale Cloth

Cloth Pieces, Bolts & Manufactured Fabric

Welcome to the Wholesale part of the Huddersfield Textiles Group.

As part of our growing business, we are excited to offer you a platform where you can not only buy cloth in pieces and bolts but also have your own cloth manufactured by us!

We are leaders in offering this sort of service online are provide cloth pieces and bolts to cloth merchants throughout the world.

This part of the brand is exclusive to cloth merchants and suppliers who wish to buy in bulk. 

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